Thursday, August 25, 2011

AFP Contest Winner!

So.  Last summer I entered an art contest from the recording artist Amanda Palmer (AFP) hosted by Creative Allies.  All art was to be inspired by Amanda's liberation herself from her record company as she chose to become an independently represented songwriter and performer.  Turns out, EVERYONE forgot about it because they only JUST announced the winners. AND I'M ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!

What does this mean in terms of the contest?  Hell if I remember!  I'm just excited that she looked at it!
Apparently this is the caption I wrote at the time:
Viva la independencia!  Depicted is a crime scene, in which Amanda has been liberated from the record company by physically destroying it, severing her ties (broken marionette strings) and signing her independence with "VIVA" written in lipstick.  Her shadow image is also visible, as a reminder of her boldness and strength.

That's all folks.

Interviewed by TV-36!

I've been asked to be interviewed for a segment about the arts that will be broadcasted by my hometown's local TV station, TV-36 in NJ!!!
TV-36/HomeTowne Television

INTERVIEW: Portrait of a Girl and Her Art

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Haunted Halloween Carnival 2011

Year 2:

R.I.P.: Lenny

R.I.P. (Retired in Pieces) Lenny Puppet
Bidding a farewell to the body of my very puppet, made as an homage to my delightful 3-D Professor Leonard "Lenny" R. Bacich at Pratt Institute.  Lenny died in 2010, so consider this a double homage.  He was awesome, quirky and encouraged each of us to try new things.  Here's to you, Lenny!

R.I.P.: A Fond Farewell to Hathi the Elephant

R.I.P. (Retired In Pieces) Hathi the Elephant
This July my father and I laid to rest Hathi the Elephant, belovedly lop-sided two-person costume puppet from based on the elephants from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.  Like the Mad Hatter, Hathi has moved on to greener pastures.  It seems that I'm destined to have a menagerie of heads and hands (or in this case, tail) to keep for posterity.  Back to the jungle with ye, oh mighty elephant!  Our basement corner and all its dust bunnies will dearly miss you.  R.I.P.

R.I.P.: Mad Hatter

R.I.P. (Retired in Pieces) Mad Hatter
Just recently threw out these old pants that I made during my freshman year at Pratt.  We had to build a wearable "float" for my 3-D class, which, of course, meant building a Mad Hatter Costume.  First hint at puppetry?  Mayhaps.  Not consciously.

The construction leaves much to be desired.  Hula hoop and foam tubing pants with staple sewing.  Duct tape suspender shoulder straps.  Construction aside, it was fun to prance around in.  AND the pants made good swishing movement when I walked.  Lucky for the entire class, Lenny made us parade around campus pre-Halloween to show off our projects.

Hanging out the pants to dry ONE LAST TIME before their untimely departure to the City Dumps.
R.I.P. Retired in Pieces, Mr. Hatter