Monday, November 21, 2011

Punk Rock Red Panda - 7

One day my photos will be taken in a clean workspace.
3 weeks later... 
eyebrow ring, skull pin & safety pin through ear
 skankin' it out

"Dio de los Muertos" Stop Motion Puppet - 4

The wires in her legs broke a few weeks ago, before I could animate her for real!  Finally getting around to fixing her up.  My desk is a "Puppet Hospital" at the moment.  She'll be up and running any day now.  :)

Next time she'll be upright, WITH hair.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Playing with objects and their reflections.  It also secretly turned into a series of short horror films.

Blogger won't let me upload the video but you can see it on YouTube HERE.

Here are a few stills.

SkullBunny 3

Anatomy of the SkullBunny.  I've decided to make a cheesy hand puppet joke -- the bunny anatomy only consists of the bones of the human forearm: the radius and ulna, in addition to a nubbin of the humerus (which may also double as a coccyx for the tail).  I have to re-draw the humerus/coccyx.  There will also probably be a few carpals attaching the skull to the rest of the bones.
Wire & aluminum foil with a skin of Magic Sculpt.
More soon.

Clock People - 1

My friend Erin and I are developing a stop motion piece about a couple that lives inside a cuckoo clock (on the hour they exit the cuckoo clock and kiss), who manipulate the passage of time.  

Here are the character designs for our clock people.  The intention is for them to have wooden heads and hands, heads that are disproportionally large, and faces that reflect not age in years but age by monotony of task.  Hopefully, they will have more visual charm than these drawings reflect.

 Armature beginnings.

Foam Carving - Bat Gargoyle

Carved a "Bat Gargoyle" out of foam.  It's meant to hang on a wall.  Covered in Steve's Foam Coat then painted with black gesso and acrylic paint.

Punk Rock Red Panda - 6

High-res completion shots COMING SOON!!!
Got to bring the SLR back to the studio.
Simulating fingerless gloves.

Punk Rock Red Panda - 5

Needed some red panda reference but 
was too lazy to print, so I drew it instead.
Their color markings are slightly different than I remembered.
Fully functional mohawk!

Punk Rock Red Panda - 4

Go go SLR!!!