Thursday, August 25, 2011

AFP Contest Winner!

So.  Last summer I entered an art contest from the recording artist Amanda Palmer (AFP) hosted by Creative Allies.  All art was to be inspired by Amanda's liberation herself from her record company as she chose to become an independently represented songwriter and performer.  Turns out, EVERYONE forgot about it because they only JUST announced the winners. AND I'M ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!

What does this mean in terms of the contest?  Hell if I remember!  I'm just excited that she looked at it!
Apparently this is the caption I wrote at the time:
Viva la independencia!  Depicted is a crime scene, in which Amanda has been liberated from the record company by physically destroying it, severing her ties (broken marionette strings) and signing her independence with "VIVA" written in lipstick.  Her shadow image is also visible, as a reminder of her boldness and strength.

That's all folks.