Thursday, August 25, 2011

R.I.P.: Mad Hatter

R.I.P. (Retired in Pieces) Mad Hatter
Just recently threw out these old pants that I made during my freshman year at Pratt.  We had to build a wearable "float" for my 3-D class, which, of course, meant building a Mad Hatter Costume.  First hint at puppetry?  Mayhaps.  Not consciously.

The construction leaves much to be desired.  Hula hoop and foam tubing pants with staple sewing.  Duct tape suspender shoulder straps.  Construction aside, it was fun to prance around in.  AND the pants made good swishing movement when I walked.  Lucky for the entire class, Lenny made us parade around campus pre-Halloween to show off our projects.

Hanging out the pants to dry ONE LAST TIME before their untimely departure to the City Dumps.
R.I.P. Retired in Pieces, Mr. Hatter

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