Thursday, August 27, 2015

RCDC3 Releases Fall 2015!

"Robot Chicken DC Special 3: Friendship is Magic" and "Robot Chicken Season 8" air this fall!  Also, worked on puppets for these shows.

Watch the trailer here:

Read more about it here:

Photo courtesy of Google Images

SuperMansion Releases October 8th!

"SuperMansion" is streaming on Crackle beginning on October 8th!
I've been building puppets for this show at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios since January.

Watch the trailer here:

Image courtesy of Google Images

Ghost Art History Series

I started a series a while ago that I'm currently calling my "Ghost Art History Series," in which I am drawing sheet ghosts over famous works of art.  I debuted them at the "Little Creaking Gallery" puppet/art sale and exhibition at Automata in Chinatown in July.  The prints are available online at  I am hoping to create a larger series that will culminate in an art book.  If anyone has suggestions on pieces of classical art that you'd like to see "ghostified" please let me know!