Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Trade "Plus 30"

Let’s head over to the music scene.  Fellow SHS graduate Casey McGuire has been keeping it groovy with his musical career as emcee Free Trade.  Hot off the press is his album “Plus 30,” and I suggest you check it out. 
“Plus 30” takes the spirit of creativity and collaboration to a whole new level, building an album with content from 30 musicians all over the US and Europe, thus the name “Plus 30.”  I have been following Casey’s music career since I first saw him perform with the Chad Davis Band in our high school auditorium, doing covers of Van Morrison and Jack Johnson with a few original songs in memory of old friends.  The striking thing about Casey’s musical endeavors in his past bands and now Free Trade is that the journey is less about “building a band” and more about establishing a creative network with a collective sound.  This really comes through in “Plus 30,” where it retains the sweet soulfulness found in CDB, the R&B, funk and jazz of Suburban Graffiti, the lyrically sassy and honest hip hop of Free Trade, along with an informed appreciation of world music.  Although Free Trade never looks back it also leaves no influences behind.

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