Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Greetings 4 AM

Just sent in my slides to

((very exciting))

That said, here's some evidence:

unfinished until further notice.

Dio de los Muertos Rod Puppet,
Full Body Shot.

Dio de los Muertos Puppet, Detail.

Special Thanks to Vika for
assisting me in the voice track.
Also, thanks to Vika and Marie
for helping me perform in
the Bunraku tradition.

The "Pope" Marionette.
Performed to Tchaikovsky's
"1812 Overture."
(Look at him. He HAD to be a Pope.)
(Or at least a Bishop.)
He prays, has a heart attack,
then is saved by the will of God.
Giving thanks, he raises his
wooden marionette control as
the Catholic cross to the heavens.

According to my father, hearing this
gave my grandmother "hope."

Little does she know that I am playing around.

I just think it's funny.

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