Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am quite a bit behind in my posts.
Survey has come and gone and I am finally catching up!

Before I begin,
(we made it!)


Here are the four doll boxes.
They changed a lot from my original impressions
of what they would look like.
And were more problematic than I thought they would be.
But I think they turned out rather well.

Red Riding Hood

I chose to place her in the forest setting.
The trees are my favorite (besides the mushrooms),
made from sticks found outside the Pratt dorms.


I wanted to focus on the grungy, maid aspect of Cinderella
rather than the princess. So I put her in a fireplace
picking up breadcrumbs.

Hansel & Gretel

This is the scene where Gretel pushes the evil witch into the oven,
rescuing herself and her brother Hansel from the wickedness
of her candied home. I had some trouble with the walls, but
the candy pattern made a huge difference.


Rumplestiltzkin is spinning straw into gold in a stone castle
dungeon. It was difficult to make the straw not look like fire.


An update coming soon about the film. Still working out the kinks.

Thumbnail from battle scene.

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