Saturday, January 30, 2016

Web Updates 2016

Finally catching up on updating all my sites for a fresh start in 2016.
Below are links to most of them.
For the full shebang, visit my portfolio site at

Portfolio site:




Society6 Shop:



Puppetry Reel 2016

Here's a sample from my most up-to-date puppetry reel.
Watch the whole thing on Vimeo here:

Animal Puns / Art Share LA

Here are two of my most recent drawings.
The BiPolar Bears are in a show tonight in DTLA,
 facilitated by Art Share LA in conjunction with the Night on Broadway event.
Giraffic Park
BiPolar Bears

Arts District Arcade event info:

Night on Broadway event info:

Sinister Sweet: Tim Curry Art Show

Here is a piece I had in the Sinister Sweet: Tim Curry Art Show
that was at The Funn Station in Los Angeles in December
"Tim Curry Body Swap"
This was the event poster (not made by me):

Ghost Art History Series

Work from my most current series called the "Ghost Art History Series."
Prints are available here:
I will be putting out a coffee table book later this year
that is an annotated chronology of art history.

American Gothic / Grant Wood
Bayeux Tapestry
Book of Kells
Birth of Venus / Sandro Botticelli
Cave Paintings from Lascaux, France
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee... (Tigers) / Salvator Dali
Mona Lisa / Leonardo da Vinci
Two Dancers on a Stage / Edgar Degas
Little Dancer of Fourteen Years / Edgar Degas
The Swing / Fragonard
The Moon and the Earth / Paul Gauguin
Greek Vase
Nighthawks / Edward Hopper
Midsummer Night's Eve / Edward Robert Hughes

Weighing of the Heart and Judgment of Osiris
Two Fridas / Frida Kahlo
Beethoven Frieze / Gustav Klimt
The Kiss / Gustav Klimt
La Danse / Henri Matisse
Creation of Adam / Michelangelo
David / Michelangelo

The Moon / Alphonse Mucha
Puberty / Edvard Munch
Three Musicians / Pablo Picasso
Girl Before a Mirror / Pablo Picasso
Alice in Wonderland / Arthur Rackham
Self Portrait / Rembrandt
Bacchus / Rubens
Seated Nude / Egon Schiele
Madame Roulin / Vincent Van Gogh
The Milkmaid / Jan Vermeer
Triple Elvis / Andy Warhol
Woman of Willendorf

Robot Chicken 10th Anniversary Art Show

Here's my piece from the Robot Chicken 10th Anniversary Art Show
that was at iam8bit in October
Based on the "Mermaid" Porn sketch from Robot Chicken

Also here's my embellished Nerd from the show

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship

I also worked on "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship" at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for Adult Swim before moving on to Robot Chicken Season 8.

Here are some of my favorite screen grabs from the show.


Here are some puppets from the show "Supermansion" by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for Crackle that I worked on for a huge chunk of 2015.
Watch the show here:
Titanium Rex, American Ranger, JewBot
Black Saturn, Cooch, Brad
Iron Brain
Omega Pets:
Chet (dog), Busternut (squirrel), Ganky (mini horse)
Blazar Baby Monkey
Ivan Whiff