Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ghost Art History Series

Work from my most current series called the "Ghost Art History Series."
Prints are available here:
I will be putting out a coffee table book later this year
that is an annotated chronology of art history.

American Gothic / Grant Wood
Bayeux Tapestry
Book of Kells
Birth of Venus / Sandro Botticelli
Cave Paintings from Lascaux, France
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee... (Tigers) / Salvator Dali
Mona Lisa / Leonardo da Vinci
Two Dancers on a Stage / Edgar Degas
Little Dancer of Fourteen Years / Edgar Degas
The Swing / Fragonard
The Moon and the Earth / Paul Gauguin
Greek Vase
Nighthawks / Edward Hopper
Midsummer Night's Eve / Edward Robert Hughes

Weighing of the Heart and Judgment of Osiris
Two Fridas / Frida Kahlo
Beethoven Frieze / Gustav Klimt
The Kiss / Gustav Klimt
La Danse / Henri Matisse
Creation of Adam / Michelangelo
David / Michelangelo

The Moon / Alphonse Mucha
Puberty / Edvard Munch
Three Musicians / Pablo Picasso
Girl Before a Mirror / Pablo Picasso
Alice in Wonderland / Arthur Rackham
Self Portrait / Rembrandt
Bacchus / Rubens
Seated Nude / Egon Schiele
Madame Roulin / Vincent Van Gogh
The Milkmaid / Jan Vermeer
Triple Elvis / Andy Warhol
Woman of Willendorf

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