Saturday, March 31, 2012

SkullBunny Fashion

SkullBunny Bra & Sneakers

People Wearing SkullBunny Apparel
 "I am so happy to have discovered these creatures.  I could never look this good without them.  I don't have any boobs so I have to wear something and they make me look great!"

 "When I wear this bra, I feel like I am empowering myself by becoming intimidating to those around me.  The fabric choice is extremely feminine and adds a dainty and romantic quality to the aggressiveness of the skull faces.  I like that it frightens people."
"Dressed like this, I feel like I'm honoring the existence of the SkullBunny.  That, and it makes me feel like I have huge boobs."

 "I love how I stand out when I wear the SkullBunny bra.  It makes me feel saucy, fierce and stylistically independent."

 "I've always loved bunnies but never wanted to hurt them by wearing their fur.  With the SkullBunny I never feel like I'm hurting them when I wear them."
"People think it's weird but my response to that is how is it any different from wearing booty shorts or a tube top?  People are gonna look anyway.  Why not give them something to really stare at?"
"I don't really care if the bunny is real or not, I just think it's cure.  And as long as there's pink on it, I'll wear it."

 "I spend a lot of time hidden away in the dark videographics room.  When I wear my SkullBunny sneakers I get energized and feel like hopping around.  I get to be silly and bunny-tastic while I'm working, even if I'm spending hours in my videographics bat cave or my bunny den or lair or whatever... And my favorite color is red so what's not to love!"

 "I want to wear anything with creatures on it.  I really identify with fantastic things.  I want to support my interest in animal rights through the clothes I wear because I think fashion can be a political statement  and I have a lot to say."

 "I used to be really into the Jersey Devil but that was a dark time in my life.  When I discovered SkullBunny, I felt light again and really found my center"
"When I wear the SkullBunny brassiere it's like I have two more sets of eyes.  So even when people stop looking at me and are staring at my boobs I feel like we're still connected because we're still making eye contact.  It's really liberating."

"I've lost 20 pounds since I started wearing the SkullBunny bra.  It's kind of like a tapeworm because it eats half of what I eat.  Or, at least, that's what I want to believe.  Anyways, I feel great!"
"I used to chase them out of my yard.  I never thought I would be wearing them on my chest.  But now I love them.  When I want to feel sexy and sophisticated I wear the bra but when I feel playful and like I want to be a kid again I wear the shoes.  They are perfect for my every mood!"

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