Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zombie Puppet Design

A quick puppet character sketch for the final project for my Constructing Performing Objects (i.e. Wood Carving) class.  More than likely it will be a marionette...of the zombie variety.

Things I'm Considering in the Design ("Play With..."):
-anatomy vs
-stiffness vs
-hyperextension vs
-wonktacular gravity (that's official, medical terminology)
-spilling bones & organs
-blood & decay
-ripped (fabricated) clothing
-controlled by standard "x" control or another way?

Big questions.  Too soon to say.  It only exists in ink so far, a lot can change.

Did I mention that Zombie are this semester's unwritten theme?  It's a strange thing.  A+ for consistency.

Inspired by the original wood carving fail:

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