Thursday, February 3, 2011

Magic ala William Kentridge

I am assisting on a Puppetry Project that focuses on the theme of "Magic."  Part of our visual process and experimenting will involve playing with tactile art forms like drawing, illustrating, painting, puppet-building etc in conjunction with film, animation and projection.  Some points of visual inspiration for the piece include ectoplasm/ghost/trick photographs from the early world of photography, Victorian portraits, and magicians/magic in general.  

I did this experiment based on something I saw in William Kentridge's MoMA exhibit in NYC last spring.  He is a genius and, thus, very clever with his use of animation and camerawork.  The goal of this experiment was to do a drawing liVe on film, then reverse the footage so the audience views it as an "undrawing."

Here is a clip of the Kentridge animation I based the experiment on.  It is the animation on the left, though I highly encourage the watching of both!

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