Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mission Statement - Work in Progress

One of our semester-long assignments for my acting class with Marisa Chibas was to create a "Mission Statement."  I'm not sure how successful this is as a mission statement, but it's a slice of my tongue and mind.  Felt nervous/excited about sharing it with my acting class but, quaveringly, I did.  So I'm rolling up my sleeves and sharing it here as well.

"My Mission Statement, A Work in Progress--"
by Leah N. Olbrich

The majority of what I seek in this lifetime is immaterial.  My greatest goal and challenge in this life is to find happiness.  I seek work that brings me passion.  As of now I find many aspects of my life to be enjoyable with elements of passion, but finding true passion is a journey.  Perhaps passions change, or evolve.  Maybe passion means putting your entire heart into what you do, no matter what it is.  This is something I hope to discover.  I find joy in creating art, building things, working with my hands, singing, dancing, laughing, playing, observing the beauties of nature and the simple delights in life.  My great hope is to continue working in the arts, as an open-minded individual, who cannot be described by labels.  My work includes aspects of illustration, puppetry, photography, collage, found object, writing, maybe even music or film but I hope the creation process always includes joy.  My work also reflects my intrigues—texture, line, color, stories, fantasy, creatures, people, dreams, energy, healing.  Utilizing spontaneity.  Embracing unanticipated changes as happy accidents rather than unsolvable mistakes.  In this life, I hope to find peace within myself.  Learn how to articulate my voice beyond the written word.  Find my voice in song and communicate without fear.  Find the feeling of home.  Know sleep.  And dreams.  Be confident in myself and trust that I am worth sharing with others.  Be comfortable in this body and energetically present.  Maintain the use of my third eye without hindering my first two from being active in the same space.  Know when to guard my energy and when to share it. Allow myself to be vulnerable in front of other people.  Permit myself to find excitement in challenges. Be unafraid to love, to exist, to be a part of the world. 

My mantra: I send maximum gratitude and unconditional love to the conscious and unconscious universe and beyond.  I am infinite.

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