Tuesday, September 21, 2010


chiaroscuro, backlit--
who's there?  me, you, us, them,
sirens.  instantly.
black like my mind after a Bogie punch.
waking up, cast, covered, uncovered.
read my voice, don't look into my eyes--
too cool for you--they'd reveal my secrets.
but now I see that you're angry.
you bear your soul for but a moment of rage
and then
kiss me.
but i don't mind. it's all part of the plan.
we seduce each other for our own benefit,
never knowing who's will play out or
live the longest, if at all.
i'm an alto, unless i'm lying, but
i'll sing for you if you give me what i want.
i'll promise.  or,
i'll swoon.

from an acting class exercise

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