Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bluebeard - Process

Just finished making a Toy Theater adaptation of Charles Ludlam's play "Bluebeard."  I've decided to post some of the images from the puppet-making process, from drawing to inking to painting.  These are mostly scanned images that I cut out in Photoshop so that I could print them for paper mounting and puppet assembly.

Good/Bad Angels
Miss Cubbidge
Keys to Bluebeard's Laboratory
Mrs. Maggot
Lamia Leopard Woman
Sybil's Locket

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Many thanks to my wonderful roommate Trevor for photographing my Halloween craziness!

Plasma Cutting

Took some better photographs of the plasma-cut pieces.  Had fun arranging them in different ways, please indulge me in the sharing of them.  One day, they will be a part of a sculptural something.  Hopefully.

This one reminds me of "MirrorMask."
Inspired by the Child Eating Pale Man from "Pan's Labyrinth"
(one of my favorite monsters of all time)
view the scene here


My "Performance By Design" (PBD) group is doing a performance next Monday about an Apocalypse Support Group (ASG) that announces that "2012 has been postponed."  I'm hoping we'll be able to video record the performance.  Anyway, there will be a live action/acted "video" segment of the performance from behind this TV that I built.  Should be fun times.

Complete with movable dials and a tulle fabric screen.
The original TV.  It was a wreck, structurally.  As in, it would not stand up.  That, and Johnny Bravo called and he wanted his TV back.  So it had to be retired.  But never fear, it will be put to good use in some other form.  Cartoon Network would be proud (Powerpuff Girls included)!

When is a 2'x4' not a 2'x4'?

When it's a BEARD!!!
From my Materials class.  We had to take a 2'x4'x8' piece of wood and turn it into something that was not a 2'x4'.  Clearly, this is only a very small portion of the 2'x4', but the shavings screamed beard.  
So they are!

The Moon Mask

The Moon Mask.
Foam, thread and acrylic paint.
Found more event photos.
They stay more are coming soon.