Friday, July 23, 2010

The Books Are Done!

I've finally finished self-publishing my two children's books, Guide to Egyptian Gods & Goddesses and Subterranea!  It took way longer than I ever thought it would, with all the revisions, but I just got my proofs and now they're finally up and running!

Both books are available from in paperback and hardcover.
Unfortunately, at this time Guide to Egyptian Gods & Goddesses is not available as a pop-up, I just do not have the technology to do it right now.  Mayhaps it will happen at some point in the future, we'll see.

Please check them out!  :D

    Guide to Egyptian Gods & Goddesses


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Certified Reiki Master!

As of this past Saturday, I am now a trained, certified Reiki Master (energy healer)!
I am an official Reiki practitioner and can now have clients!  :)
This means that I have reached Level 4 of my training.
Reiki has 4 levels which then progress into Light Therapy which has 12 Levels (starting at "Reiki 5").
Reiki is something that has been in my life pretty much since I was a child, so it is exciting to finally get to pursue a path with it as an adult.

If you have an interest in reading more about what Reiki is, please visit the American Reiki Association website.  They may be able to explain better than I can, though I will explain if you ask me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nathan Sawaya, Lego Master

Check out this dude, who loves Legos.  
Lawyer Quits Job and Turns Lego Artist
Nathan Sawaya's Website

(i appreciate his silly tattoo)

Joshua Allen Harris


My brother sent me this link of Joshua Allen Harris' inflatable animal puppets.  I've seen stills before but never video.  They are incredible...not to mention made out of recycled materials.  So awesome!

Just a sampling of his genius:

I'm not sure if this is his but it is incredible and sassy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Live on eBay!!!

"Legend of the Raven God King" is up on eBay!

(Unfortunately, I had to raise the price from $10 to $12 due to processing fees.)

Friday, July 2, 2010

LRGK Now Available on DVD!

My shadow puppet film "Legend of the Raven God King" is finally available on DVD!!!

The disc contains the feature film, live performance, and behind the scenes blooper reel.

If you or anyone you know are interested in purchasing a copy, please e-mail me.  I will ship it anywhere in the continental U.S.